About Us


The Literary Arts and Humanities Section strives to penetrate and enrich through anthroposophy the so-called ‘humanities’ which include literature and language studies, spiritual and cultural history, philosophy and historiology. To look at these areas from an anthroposophical perspective means to emphasise the link that exists between the whole cultural sphere and the spiritual realities and to see cultural development as a development of consciousness. Language holds a special place in our work because it is through language that the spiritual can come to expression in the human being.

The work of the Section can take many shapes: individuals with a special interest and knowledge in a particular field regularly come together for colloquia and professional conferences where they discuss and prepare particular topics. Our series of ‘Cultural Conferences at the Goetheanum’ addresses the wide field of cultural and spiritual history. The work on folk tales is also part of our Section: we organize seminars which focus on the experience and reflection of folk tales and often include a practical part, such as for example a story-telling workshop.

Apart from these events which mostly take place at the Goetheanum in Dornach, recent years have seen the formation of section groups all over the world. These groups offer anybody interested the opportunity to bring anthroposophy to their work in the realm of the literary arts and humanities. The areas they focus on depend on their members and their particular expertise and interests. All groups are in close contact with the Section in Dornach. In Europe, we have Section groups in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and the French speaking countries and worldwide in North America, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. The Section Newsletter was first published in Winter 2007/08. Its purpose is to strengthen and foster the connection between the groups and Dornach and to ensure mutual awareness of our work.

In our Section all those should find a forum who concern themselves with questions of presentation and communication, who have a deeper interest in language in all its manifestations and/or feel at home in any of the fields mentioned above and who seek to deepen their work through anthroposophy.


Section Team from left to right:

Dr. phil. Ariane Eichenberg, Academic Assistance
Dr. phil. Christiane Haid
, Section Leader
Monika Clément, Administrative Assistance
Isabelle Böhmler, Section Assistant