Creation out of Nothing — How does the New enter the World?

Whitsun Conference 3 — 6 June 2022 Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities and Visual Arts Section

How does the new come into the world is a question that moves every human being. Freshness and the future speak directly to us here. The new is not a continuation of what has been before, in it lies the mystery of what constitutes the «creation out of nothing». The nothingness, the unknown, the uncertain, can fill us with terror and tempt us to cling to the old and to remain stuck in a familiar terrain. The new is neither available nor calculable for us and stands outside any mechanical order. In our world, which is increasingly determined by technology and digitalisation, the question of the creativity of the human being arises in a new way. The threshold of nothingness is thus the threshold to the spiritual sphere in a Pentecostal sense.

The Whitsun conference would like to be a celebration in which we, artists from various disciplines explore with you the question of «creation out of nothing» in a thinking, experiential and creative way. We have structured the conference in such a way that you will be able to participate in a sense of active contemplation and artistic work.

You are invited to bring a work of any discipline to the conference, which we will then exhibit in the Schreinerei (Carpentry) during the conference.

In preparation, we ask you to read the lecture by Rudolf Steiner: «Evolution, Involution and Creation out of Nothingness», Berlin, 17 June 1909, CW 107. (Link to the lecture here)

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