Scientific Reappraisal of Rudolf Steiner’s Theory of the Senses

Increasing digitalisation and mechanisation are endangering healthy sensory activity. Rudolf Steiner’s presentation of the twelve senses of the human being offers an expanded under-standing of human sensory activity and its connection to the human ‘I’. Steiner goes beyond the eight to nine senses recognized in science. Thus far, there have been individual presentations, especially of the twelve senses, by anthroposophical authors. It is important to follow on from this. Rudolf Steiner’s writing Anthroposophy, A Fragment forms the starting point. The other, partly incomplete and scattered remarks, such as remarks in lectures and texts, are to be added and processed and presented in such a way that they can be made fruitful in education, curative education, medicine, agriculture and art. The aim is to produce an overall presentation of Rudolf Steiner’s science of the senses, which takes account of the state of scientific research and makes the subject accessible to a wider public.

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