From Linguistic Symbol to the Logos Dimension – Word and Speech Today

The future development and education of human beings is linked to the Word. How can the Logos dimension of the Word be experienced and language freed from its mostly mechanised, formalised use today? In this regard, experiencing its artistic aspect points to new pathways. Words and language are omnipresent in every day and professional life. We understand the world and ourselves through their mediation and shape our lives through them and with other people. Word and language have undergone a process of dying and abstraction in the course of the history of consciousness. They have degenerated from life-giving to linguistic signs and codes. Abstract language influences thought and life forms. If the connection between reality and Word is no longer causally and originally present, words become shells and, in the end, mere catch phrases, which, when intensified as lies and framing, determine the understanding of Self and the world. Language then turns against human beings themselves.

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