Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities

The literary arts are a very young discipline that has only existed since the 18th century. It combines science and beauty, knowledge and creative imagination. Since science always aims at the general and seeks to grasp laws; the creative, art on the other hand, puts the individual in the foreground, scientific knowledge is linked back to man in the methodical combination of both areas, just as art is moved out of the limited horizon of the individual. In this way, the one-sided developmental tendencies of our time can be cancelled out. In this respect, the fine sciences see themselves above all as a future discipline that needs to be further developed. Fields of work are literature and linguistics, aesthetics, history, philosophy, history of music, art and culture. The section offers a forum for people interested in the mediation of art and science.

Study conferences, specialist colloquia and poetry readings take place on a regular basis. Various research projects are in progress: I. Humanization of Man through Literature; II. Christian Morgenstern; III. The Word as Logosmysterium - Verbum cordis; IV. Research on the history of the anthroposophical cultural impulse; V. Rudolf Steiner's understanding of language.